Online motivator for kids

How does it work?

Your children completeeveryday tasks

They get virtual diamonds as rewards

Your children may exchange virtual diamonds for real prizes

We are looking after your children through play and keeping them occupied throughout the day

How DiAma Motivator will help the children?

Children will learn to do house chores (including the "boring ones") without pressure from parents

Children will study with fun and ease!

Children will become self-sufficient and will learn to take care of themself

Children will become self-confident in reaching their own goals

How DiAma Motivator will help the parents?

You will get more free time for work and rest

You will get a highly qualified assistant, a professional educator, who will provide educational and leisure activities for your children
You will not need to remind children to do their homework. It will be done on time
Motivator will take away anxiety, negativity, and tension between you and your children
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The new motivational group starts weekly

We have won the trust of thousands of parents

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